Getting Crafty (or at least attempting to)

by katie

Make your own nail polish. I heard about this on pinterest, and I knew I had to try it. It seemed like it would be fairly simple, and it was for the most part. It’s pretty sheer, so dont expect it to be a Deborah Lippmann. I choose to make Black, because I ran out of the black I had before. Tragic, I know. I used:

1. clear nail polish (clearly the quality on all of this is up to you, I used a generic one from walgreens,)

2. Eye Shadow (I used E.L.F)

3.I used the end of a makeup brush to crush the eyeshadow.

So basically what you do is:

1. Crush up your desired shade of eyeshadow into a powder.

2. take the nail polish brush and put the eyeshadow on it, and put it back in the nail polish.

4. Shake for about 20 seconds

5. Repeat until desired opacity.