About me

Just a little girl who was lost, until she found her wonderful world of fashion.

Fashion has been my life for the last 3 years. What keeps me going is when I see a person on the street, looking like a true, happy individual. I someday hope to work at Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Nylon, or DFW luxe. Preferably Vogue, please and thank you.  Music is a large inspiration to me, along with art. Totally clique, i know. To me, the best thing about fashion is the pictures that come with it. If that makes any sense.  Really what I mean about that is I love the pictures in Vogue.

My personal style changes constantly. I always need to change it up, or else I’ll get bored or frustrated.  I try to get inspiration everywhere: magazines,blogs, lookbook, books, music, movies, TV, friends, trends, celebrities like Elle fanning, net-a-porter, vintage photography, my photography, designers and their shows, and probably more magazines.

I started a blog because I finally feel like I have the courage to show my point of view.

I give all the glory to God.

xo kb