Music You Don’t Want to Share (But Really Should)


Have you ever had a song that you love so much, you listen to it every night, but you’ve actually never shared it with even your best friend?  Well, if you don’t this is the playlist for you! Just kidding. (Not Really) But anyway, here’s a playlist of some of my current and all-time favorites. Just warning you, it gets pretty, err, dramatic at the end. I mean, you can’t legally have a playlist without one Alan Menken Disney Song. Yes, really.

Cough Syrup                                            Young The Giant

Shine Down                                             Ximena Sarinana

Criminal                                                    Fiona Apple

Living In America                                  Dom

Got It All(This Can’t Be Living Now) Portugal. The Man

Cameo Lover                                            Kimbra

It’s Real                                                     Real Estate

Two Against One                                   Danger Mouse & Danielle Luppi

Smart                                                         Girl In A Coma

Butterfly Culture                                      Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Colors Of The Wind                               Alan Menken(Pocahontas)

Satellite Heart                                          Anya Marina