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Does anybody remember these? They’re called Harumika. Basically what they are is these dress forms, with a hole in the back. You take this stick and jab the fabric so it stays on the dress form. It’s genius if you ask me. It really taught me (somewhat) of fabric manipulation, even though it’s on an extremely small-scale. I used to use them all the time. And somehow they got shoved into the bottom of a drawer and I hadn’t used them in about a year. When I took them out, I knew I had to play with them.

They don’t really have any kind of correlation, but they were kind of inspired by Amy Winehouse/ 50’s/ tropical/ No Doubt. If that makes any sense at all. Especially with the cherry-print bandeau with the long skirt. And, obviously, the full 50’s style skirt the with music nots. Please excuse  the severe clashing of prints, even though it does look #totesamaze if you ask me.

I honestly don’t even know if you can still buy them: I used to buy them at toys R us. I  know so chic.  www.harumika.com

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Hi! Hope you had a lovely day!

Music honestly is probably the most influential thing in my style. Songs sway what I’m going to wear pretty much every day. So basically if I wake up and listen to Two Door cinema club, it will probably be my red jeans. But if I wake up and listen to something like The Pretty Reckless, obviously it means I’d toughen it up a little bit. Maybe even throw on my favorite bordeaux red lipstick. I just find it really inspiring to listen to something and really base your whole outfit on how the song makes you feel. I usually even base my mood on what I’m listening to. I think that’s why I like to listen to everything. I mean literally, I’ll listen to pretty much anything. One minute it’ll be One direction, the next Lupe Fiasco, and later, Ed Sheeran. And If you havent listened to Ed Sheeran I suggest you go check out his album + right now. Or you will be shamed. Really. No you wont be shamed but you should really check it out.

I’ve been loving Young the Giant. Just the whole atmosphere it creates, like just is really fresh. If that last sentence made any sense. Probably not. Anyway, this song is amazing. And the location of the video = stunning.

Plus, you can even get it free, as of now, here!

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I can dream, right?

net-a-porter sale wishlist
The time between seasons are my favorite times of the year. Why? Designer Sale. Net-a-porter.com. I look at the sale everyday until it ends. Can I actually afford anything? Unfortunately, no. But I can dream.
                       1. Stella McCartney sweater
                    2. 7 for All Mankind jeans
3. Hunter Boots
4. Miu Miu skirt
             5. Miu Miu cotton stole
        6. Miu Miu earrings
            7. Isabel Marant dress
                           8. T by Alexander Wang jeans
   9.  Jason Wu bag
                        10. Current/Elliot jean shorts
                      11. Yves Saint Laurent dress
     12. LD Tuttle shoes
    13. Chloe swimsuit
14. Missoni dress
     15. Marni PJ shorts
           16. Marni silk camisole

Current Obsession: Boy. By Band of Outsiders

Boy. By Band of Outsiders

I’m a huge fan of Scott Sternberg’s work in creating the label Band of Outsiders. I actually really like his menswear too. The real icing on the cake for me, though, is it’s brother line Boy. By Band of Outsiders. Their sister label Girl. By Band of Outsiders is great with its Boyish turned feminine prints and styles. But, Boy. By Band of Outsiders is so original. In my opinion it’s really hard to find new innovative things in fashion. Boy. is definitely it. I’m crazy-obsessed with the blue and white pinstripes and precise tailoring. I like the fact that it’s a mostly separates label, but they do have gorgeous dresses, one shown here